Project 24: My honest review

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I bought Project 24 in 2019 and renewed my membership once in 2020. Read my paying-customer review below, or jump straight through to check it out here.

What does Project 24 teach?

How to start a niche blog or YouTube channel from scratch, and make a full-time income by 24 months.

Who is it best for?

Beginners who want a proven, data-driven, up-to-date, step-by-step approach that leads to predictable income in a specific niche.

It’s also good for established bloggers who struggle to gain traction.

What method of making money online does it teach?

Digital products, affiliate marketing and ads.

Are there success stories?

Yes. Scroll down to watch the videos.

This is from my own reader Susan:

“Project 24 has been a total game changer for me. That timeline and their daily action steps are absolutely what I needed to move forward methodically. After spinning around in circles chasing various aspects of blog success, I have clarity and focus. I’m so thankful you posted about them.”

When is Project 24 open?

It’s open all the time.

How much does it cost?

$449 for one year. Renewable at a much lower cost per year after that.

Are there incidental costs?

Yes. There are incidental costs such as those associated with setting up a website, but they are minimal.

How to get a taste

Watch the videos here. Want to see a sample lesson? Go here.

Who made it & are they qualified to teach it?

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler from Income School. Yes. They’ve started many niche websites since 2013. (See the full list with numbers.) They make over 7 figures a year.

Update: Jim Harmer has since moved on to another project and handed over the reigns to Ricky.


Actively updated. The content creation landscape changes fast. There is a team at Project 24 constantly testing new things and analyzing what doesn’t. This makes Project 24 stand out among similar resources in my opinion.

A focus on niche sites. These days it’s incredibly difficult to get traction with a general blog in a broad niche (mom blogs, recipes, cars, photography, fashion, parenting, etc.) because of all the competition. Niche sites done right are the way to go.

Get up and running fast. Project 24 encourages you to pick a niche and go. Get your content published quickly so SEO can start working for you sooner. Go back and do other things later. I totally agree.

Passive income focus. Any online business or blog requires time and energy, at least upfront. However, there are definitely income streams that are more passive, leaving room for the more valuable resource of TIME.

Solid content. It’s not as slick and fancy as similar products I’ve purchased, but the content is super solid.

Community involvement. There’s a lot of encouragement and support in the community.

Community transparency. Some of the best posts in the community are from members who share how much they’ve made, on what timeline, etc. Screenshots are often attached. Very inspirational.

Always open. No need to wait for it to open once or twice a year. It’s open now.

Very step by step. For people who want really clear steps (as in, “Day 1, do this. Day 2, do this…”) it’s great.

Clear and realistic expectations. I’m a huge fan of the Project 24 Timeline and the clarity it provides.

Lots of variety. Lots of niches, lots of examples, lots of experience, lots of people represented.

Created by a lawyer and an MBA. Jim is an attorney and Ricky has his MBA. While these degrees don’t necessarily mean anything significant for the content, I appreciate the extra layer of expertise it provides.


No refunds. They don’t give full or partial refunds. Here’s why.

Not a lifetime membership. You’ll have to renew every year, although at a much lower price. It’s still an excellent deal.

Time-sensitive content. Because online strategies change so quickly, course content like this can become outdated. But, after being a paying member for almost a year now, I can confirm, the Project 24 team is constantly working on updates.

Acabado. As a member, you get Income School’s own WordPress theme called Acabado. They designed it to be “stupid fast.” I’m a fan of fast and I’ve tried it, but it’s only meh for me. This is minor con though. You don’t have to use their theme.


Project 24 is the best all-in-one course I’ve found for those who want to make money online without getting bogged down in building an online empire. I agree with their approach. It’s in line with minimalist business.