Grow Your Audience: My honest review

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I bought Grow Your Audience in 2019. I renewed it once and joined the subsequent membership.

What does Grow Your Audience teach?

How to find and connect with your target audience or ideal customer.

Who is it best for?

Anyone who wants more traffic for your project, product or service.

What method of making money online does it teach?

The main focus is growing an audience you can later sell to in whatever way works for you.

Are there success stories?

Yes, join the Facebook Group and search #moolahwin.

When is Grow Your Audience open?

Twice a year, in early spring and early fall.

Update: It is now open all the time (evergreen).

How much does it cost?

Most recently, $1000. Updates for one year are included. Renew at a discounted price after that.

Are there incidental costs?

Yes, but minimal.

How to get a taste

Join the free Facebook Group here. Once inside, click the Videos tab and watch the videos of her teaching like this one and this one.

Also, I highly recommend her 100 Perfect People Challenge.

Who made it & are they qualified to teach it?

Rachel Miller. Yes. She has started and grown multiple Facebook Pages into the hundreds of thousands and one into the millions.


Depth of knowledge & experience. The amount of information Rachel understands about using Facebook organically is impressive. I have not encountered her level of expertise elsewhere.

Coaches. If you purchase the course during regular launch week and you have questions about the course content, there are coaches who will jump in to help clarify. Very helpful.

MoolahDirect. An upgrade, but another option for those who want extra hand holding or extra privacy. You’ll get 8 weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls, plus access to the coaches’ private Slack channel.

Great teaching. Rachel’s a former high school economics teacher. She explains the concepts well, complete with markers, white boards and diagrams. That’s great for those of us who struggle with social media (me!).

Success stories. For many who fully implement them, the strategies in the course work. And those wins are freely shared among the students. Search #moolahwin in the Facebook Group.

Success stories in a wide range of niches. It’s the most niche-diverse bunch I’ve been a part of to date. The wins come from a wide range of niches too.

The Facebook Group. The course itself will give you the framework and foundation, but you’ll get so much more in the FB Group. Do not skip it! Note: Rachel runs more than one Facebook Group. The one I’m referring to here is the one for students only. There’s also a free one for anyone.

Rachel’s enthusiasm. Rachel and I are very different in style and personality but I’d do well to have a fraction of her enthusiasm for social media. She is high energy, real, not afraid to try stuff and quick to pivot. Rachel is the opposite of monotonous or boring. She’s fun to watch!

Much more than Facebook info. This is one of my favorite pros, and it was completely unexpected. Rachel has a lot of connections online, many of whom are quite successful in their niches. She frequently interviews them in the course’s Facebook Group, many times on business topics that go way beyond the scope of Facebook.

Love for the “little guy.” Rachel is extremely down to earth and remains mindful of those who don’t have a huge budget for incidental costs, slick systems or costly ads. Refreshing! Somehow she makes huge results possible for the “little guys.”

Tons of access to Rachel. She’s constantly in the FB Group answering questions, posting impromptu videos, addressing Facebook changes and holding Q&As or AMAs (Ask Me Anythings).

Changes are addressed. Facebook changes constantly. While the pre-recorded course content is only updated once a year or so, Rachel is very proactive in the FB Group about addressing the changes as they come up. I appreciate this.


Cost. Like I mentioned above, it’s a lot of money. Be really sure you’re the ideal student (see above) so you get your money’s worth.

Drinking from a firehose. The information comes at you fast and furious, especially in the FB Group. If you are easily paralyzed by overwhelm, you’ll have to work hard to connect the dots and keep moving forward. To combat this, focus on one step at a time and use the binder and coaching.

Lack of organization. The course content itself is organized, but there have been times when I encounter a missing piece, like a download mentioned that isn’t there, a call to action that doesn’t lead anywhere or multiple names for the same thing.

No lifetime access. With a few exceptions (i.e. if you purchased the course within a few months), you do not automatically get access to future updates.

Outdated content. I feel compelled to list this con in every review I write simply because information products about social media always become outdated. Social media changes too fast. Having said that, I know Rachel aims to update the course at least once a year. Still, within that year, it’s very possible one might encounter outdated or no-longer-working information along the way. To combat this, keep up with the FB Group!


I have learned a ton from Rachel and from this course. I’ve gone through it multiple times. If you are struggling to get more eyeballs on your stuff, it’s definitely worth a look.