Self Publishing 101: My honest review (2022 Update)

I’m a paying customer of Self Publishing 101. I purchased it in 2018 along with two similar courses. Of the three, Self Publishing 101 was the clear winner and the only one I recommend. What does Self Publishing 101 teach? How to self publish your books. The focus is on how to market and sell … Read more

Grow Your Audience: My honest review

I first bought Grow Your Audience in 2019. Then I renewed. Then I joined the subsequent monthly membership called Makers. Obviously I’m a fan. If you want to learn how to use social media effectively, I definitely recommend it. Tip: As of March 2022, go straight to Makers. You’ll get Grow Your Audience as a … Read more

EBA® Foundation (formerly Elite Blog Academy®): My honest review

Elite Blog Academy® has changed. It was revamped, renamed and relaunched in 2022. I no longer recommend it. (Spoiler: Try Project 24 instead. I bought it too.) The key difference between the original version (Elite Blog Academy®) and the new one (EBA® Foundation) is this: The new version no longer teaches you how to make … Read more

How to get a website

Create a website from scratch, no technical experience required. Use it for blogging, freelancing, writing, author-ing, side hustling, podcasting and so much more.

How to start an email list

Having a website is important so people can find you. An email list is important so you can go directly to your people. This is a continuation of how to make a website. 1. Create necessary pages for your email list Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Go to Pages > Add New. Title it Newsletter. … Read more

How to create content

Your goal is to become the go-to expert in your niche. Use your content to achieve this goal. Choose a niche (topic) Create helpful, entertaining or inspiring content related to what you sell. Provide solutions to common problems your audience faces, demonstrate your expertise and build trust. Why? So when your people need in-depth help, … Read more

How to get followers & traffic

You can have the best website, content or product in the world, but if no one knows it exists, you won’t get very far. To be successful, you have to connect with people — your target audience a.k.a. ideal customer a.k.a. avatar. The key to getting followers Make your content the best in your niche. … Read more